Look Inside.

You can look for peace everywhere, but if it’s not in your heart you’ll never find it. – Eric Christopher Jackson

“Into Light” : 2016 : Limited Edition Print

Into Light : 2016 Limited Edition Print : No.250 61cm x 91cm Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster $500.00 Artist Notes: Creating Texture can be challenging for me because I always compare my work to paintings instead of other photography work. Paint can be layered adding Depth to a piece. Photography is always going to have a…

Pacific Blue Horizon : 2009

Photography Series : Laguna Beach Pacific Blue Horizon : 2009 61cm x 91cm $235 “Looking at the world from this perspective changes how you see everything.” Eric Christopher Jackson Artist Notes: As a belated Birthday gift to myself, I went to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. Having lived in Florida all my life, I had never attempted to…

Reborn. : 2009

Reborn. : 2009 It’s great to be inspired by other artists & writers. Yet, it’s important to find & embrace who you are. You have a Voice. Maybe you don’t think too much of yourself or your abilities. Maybe you believe you’re not capable of accomplishing a lot. Maybe this was your mentality growing up….

Submerged : 2009 (NFS)

“Plaza Tower” : Costa Mesa, CA. One of my favorite scenes was captured during a class assignment near the end of my first year of studying Digital Photography. The Management team for “Plaza Tower” gave me some leeway, but I’m not able to sell these images. Still, it’s a pleasure to share this one. Eric…

Lead the Way : 2012

Photography Series : Jacksonville Zoo Lead the Way : 2012 Open Edition Print 91cm x 61cm $235 Take the Lead. Create the Path to Make a Difference. -ecj

ArtsRow : The Importance of Communication

There are several online venues for creative artists to choose from. With only a limited amount of time in the day to upload and maintain your work online, artists will ultimately use only a handful of the websites available. That said, what factors contribute to picking one online venue over another. As the title suggests,…

Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe you can do something, you’ll never try. And you’ll have no chance of succeeding. Forget about all the negative inside & outside voices. Listen to your heart. Follow it. You are here for a specific reason. So am I. -Eric Christopher Jackson

“Tower” : 2016 : Interior

I created this Simulation through “OhMyPrints” Wall App. suggested by @_artemoderna_ on her Instagram space. Pretty neat, huh? I’m looking for a minimalistic scene, but this is a nice start. Does anyone know of a similar software I can try? It’s cool to see artwork in an actual space. Eric Christopher Jackson