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CFA | Honorable Mention Award (2017)

Dear Readers, The Results for the 2017 “Artist of the Year” Awards have come in. Hosted by “Circle Foundation for the Arts” in Lyons, France, a First & Second Place Winner was chosen along with a list of Top 10 Artists. View their Winning Entries on CFA’s Instagram Feed: I

Circle Foundation for the Arts

  Circle Foundation for the Arts was founded in 2017. We are located in Lyon, France but we represent artists worldwide. We collaborate with curators and art professionals whom we invite at the end of every project to sit down with us, review the participating artists and select the recipients

Paper & Printing

  Dear Readers, It is important that I offer the highest quality prints of my work. I have spent the beginning of 2018 looking over the entire Collection to make sure each image prints out exactly how you see it on-screen. With over 150 art pieces available, this has become

Insensitivity | The H&M Controversy

  Dear Readers, As many of you are aware of, the Clothing Company known as “H&M” decided to remove what became a controversial sweatshirt from its Children’s Clothing Line. At first glance, it is not difficult to see why…     In the Context of American History, the term “monkey”

Individuality (2017)

  “At first glance, each one is a flower. Same Colors. All in bloom. Yet, if you look closer, they are not identical. Since the Creation of the world, not one flower has ever been the same.” -ecj  

Bring the Reign| 2018

🙏Jesus, thank You. 2018. I pray that we don’t fight insults with insults and cruelty with cruelty. I will do my best to Love even when I’m Hated. Let us use our Creativity to Inspire Good & Motivate others to treat people as we want to be treated. We don’t

Butterfly (2017) | Acrylic Painting

  Hello, My first attempt to paint “Butterfly” went terribly wrong. I have not painted in years. Trying to get back into the swing of it has been more challenging than I anticipated. After a few weeks off, I decided to use a slightly smaller canvas at 10 x 10

Rest | In the Studio

  Hello, One of the major goals for 2018 is to show more of my artwork in Print on Social Media and other venues. Often times, I am told that my work looks better in Print compared to on-screen. This simply means that I will be Printing out more work

The Artbox Gallery | Zürich, Switzerland

A Film by Vision Inspires   The Artbox Gallery Attn: Patricia Zenklusen Giessereistrasse 1 8005 Zürich Ph: +41 79 788 02 02 “A Fresh Breeze to Advent” 1 November – 24 December, 2017 Monday – Friday: 10am-7pm Saturday: 10am-4pm Featured Artists: – Marc Brousse, France – Noah Deledda, USA – Gudrun

Techism | Hosted by ArtRepublic

Techism November 3-11, 2017 100 North Laura Street 9th Floor Jacksonville, FL. Hosted by ArtRepublic Featuring Artists: Krista Kim, Migual Chavalier, REO, & Fabien Forban Public Opening Night Krista Kim is the Founder of “Techcism,” which focuses on how Society is effected by the Digital Age. I was introduced to

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