SERIES || Isolation (In Progress)

What happens when you turn your back on the World?

My next Series is looking at the subject of isolation. In this particular image, time (life) is passing by. The world is passing by and this individual feels separated from it all. However, this person has made a conscious decision to be isolated because of negative past experiences. Hence, the all black outfit, hood over his head, sort of staring into space oblivious to the activity going on around him.

I feel like this is an important subject to address because I’ve heard about so many dealing with the type of depression that originates from isolation. When you extent your heart to certain people and it’s bruised or broken in the process, a natural tendency is to protect yourself. A wall is put in place. When you meet new people, it’s hard to trust them and eventually extent your heart towards them.

It’s been a challenge to put these words into visual scenes, but lighting is important to me. I decided to photograph all the scenes I have so far at night because the individual is essentially hiding from everyone. The next obstacle is to figure out how this story ends. How does this individual find comfort, come out of the shadows, and integrate himself with the rest of the world? I have a few ideas, but will see which one works out the best.

Eric Christopher Jackson


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