Art Buzz | May 19, 2018 @ The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe

Art Buzz | The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe



Quite a few people have asked when I was going to take part in a Local Art Show here in Jacksonville, Florida. Well, my progress was severely hampered by having to depend on Public Transportation. Thankfully, I have my own vehicle now and am looking to be more involved in the Local Arts Community.

Yes, my first Local Group Show will be this Saturday evening at The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe. It was a bit of a drive yesterday to visit the venue for the first time. I ordered a Four Berry Smoothie while taking in the atmosphere. The Owner was kind enough to add me to the Group. I will setup a place for myself in the parking lot alongside fellow Artists.

The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe


I captured a quick photo of the venue. Suddenly, I realized that I would have my Contemporary Fine Art Photography outside in the sun with the possibility of gusty wind. After a split-second of panic, I started looking at solutions and how I could present my artwork the best way possible.

Prints. I have ordered twenty 8 x 12-inch prints, which should arrive tomorrow. I have been testing my work on different Paper types. This time, I have selected the Fuji Pearl Paper.

Presentation. At first, I was certain that I would Mount a smaller number of prints. They would be Ready-to-Hang. However, I felt adding a Mat to each print would present my work better and the Art Collector could purchase a frame to match their unique Space. Also, I can sign each Matted Artwork; a nice touch.

Meaning I stayed awake into the middle of the night for a couple days looking for a Set of 20 Mats for my Prints. That Order should arrive on Wednesday. Finally, I wondered how I could protect the Artwork from dirt, etc. while allowing people to still view them. Well, I found a company, THE company for crystal clear sleeves perfect for inserting matted artwork.

Meaning I can arrange the artwork on a table in the clear sleeves without worrying about the Art getting damaged. Wait…I don’t have a table…or a chair. I found something at the store that should work, but I want to continue searching just to make sure it’s the best option. I can also look into having a slideshow. If a power outlet is available, I could bring a monitor to run the slideshow on.

My Artwork has been Exhibited before, but I have not been able to attend and meet the Guests the majority of those times. This will be one of the rare times I get to talk about my work in person. I am a bit nervous, but also very excited. I hope to participate in more Local Art Shows. I just have to research when they happen and submit my Collection on time.

Although my Budget is greatly impacted by having a vehicle, I hope to still be able to have enough to fund the Business. If you are in the area, hope to see you there.

Eric Christopher Jackson

Instagram: @ericchristopherjackson | @theurbanbeancoffeehouse

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