Don’t Give Up on Me now

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Sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to move a few steps backwards. Retrace your steps. Figure out how to get to where you want to be by taking a different path.

I found myself doing this over the past few weeks. I had to face the facts. Swallow my Ego. Let go of my Pride. No matter how much I’ve tried, the Style of my Photographic Art was not fitting enough into Art Galleries.

I received one more Invite this Summer to enter into an Art Competition held by Agora Gallery in New York City. The Entry Fee was a bit high. If accepted, the Costs involved were expensive for printing, insuring, shipping, and promoting the work. I decided to take a chance by Entering.

Unfortunately, my Work was not Selected. As I looked over the pieces that were Selected by Curators, it screamed of the same problem I have faced for years. Curators tend to Exhibit Paintings, Illustrations, and Sculpture. Also, if Photography was chosen, it was more Illustrative in nature or Conceptual compared to what I create. Often times, there was a certain ‘shock’ value in Photography that I didn’t always like and would never create in my Work.

Even when it hurt, I finally began to swallowed the Truth. It’s time to move on.

A few days ago, I contacted my Representing Art Gallery in Switzerland and let them know of my decision to leave as a Resident Artist. As the months went by after my initial Signing to the Gallery, I began to see the Promotion of more Paintings, Illustrations, and Sculpture. The rare Photographs were Illustrative in Style or captured in a way that I usually do not in my Work. I could no longer find where I fit in an Exhibit.

Furthermore, this year, it was very difficult to keep the lines of communication open with a Gallery so far away. And since I cannot travel Internationally to Gallery Openings, it became an ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ scenario. The Curators agreed with my reasons for leaving and wished me luck in my new course of direction.

Now… everything changes. At first, I wanted to cry at their lack of resistance to my departure, but then… I could only smile. In my heart, I knew this was the right thing to do. The ‘adult’ thing to do. It was done.

What’s next?

Well… I decided on the common sense approach: Who loves Photographic Art just as much as I do (if not more)? Find them. Share the Work with them. Hope to get Published, which will lead to more Exposure for my Work. So far, I have three Spots that look promising.

First, CreativPaper, which is based in London, contacted me through this Blog several months ago about having my Work Featured in their Magazine. Initially, I could not afford the Costs involved, but eventually, I was able to secure a Spot in Volume 12. While I did expect the Issue to release in October, there have been delays. I’m hoping that the Publication will be Released before New Year’s 2019. The first Volume of Issue 12 was Released two days ago. Depending on how many Artists are included in No.12, there can be multiple Volumes Published. I’ll keep you posted…

Secondly, I found a site through Instagram called, “Feature Shoot,” which focuses on Photography, of course. However, I’m reminded of why I typically steer clear of Photography Sites. Even the ones that highlight Art. Too much of it is or leans toward “Adult Content.” (aka NSFW). While there is some of that on Art Gallery sites, it’s not as predominant on most of them. Which is why I gravitated towards looking at more Paintings and Sculpture. Still, I submitted my select pieces from my Collection. If interested, they will respond.

Finally, it will take time to explain the specifics of the third Spot. I will write a new Blog post for that.

I told myself: ‘Don’t give up on me, now.’ Not when I’m this close to achieving my Goal. I know… This may seem like a setback. However, truthfully evaluating where you are (or where you’re not) can help you move forward.

Take care.
Eric Christopher Jackson


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