“Reflections” | The Art Center Cooperative

The Annex | The Art Center Cooperative, Jacksonville, FL.


January 10 – February 8, 2019
Juror: Tayloe McDonald

Presented by The Art Center

The Landing
2 W Independent Dr., Ste. 113
Jacksonville, FL. 32202



“A work of art is a world in itself reflecting the senses and emotions of the artist’s world.” -Hans Hofmann

Art can reflect the light or darkness of a time and place or simply be a personal reflection of the artists’ style and personality. It can also be a reflective surface such as a piece of metal or a pond. Or a reflection of the events happening around us.

Ask yourself why does a mirror simply have to be a mirror? Why can it not be a unique and beautiful work of art, What is it truly reflecting? What are you truly reflecting out into the world? What does the world reflect on you?

We asked our artists to dig deep and share with you their inner reflections, through our newest show, “Reflections”. -TAC


The Annex | The Art Center Cooperative



First Place
Sonler Alexandre/Sonye Locksmith
“Seeking the Bridge” (Acrylic)

Second Place
Marcelo Murillo
“Dames and the St. Johns” (Photograph)

Third Place
Eric Jackson
“Edge of Light” (Photograph)

“In this captured moment of intimacy, a polished pool of light beckons two silhouetted figures from their sandy peninsula. Where the horizon is lost, negative space invites the figures and viewer alike to consider an expanse that transforms pelagic depths to luminescent possibility.”
-Tayloe McDonald

Honrable Mention
Kim Beaulieu
“Untitled” (Photograph)


Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson





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