Touch the Shore by Eric Christopher Jackson

Touch the Shore (2018)

I have been continuing to Edit the “Vilano Beach” Series, which was captured almost three months ago. It’s been challenging to Sort through because over 600 shots were taken. Normally, I take less than 150 shots per outing. Yet, the location was so beautiful and so many opportunities for good

Artist, Writer: Eric Christopher Jackson

Fountain Foundation

Over the years, I have had to make decisions that would change the direction of my Life. I remember back in 2008, in my hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I sat at a popular fountain in the Downtown area thinking about whether I needed to transfer colleges. It required me to

9II | Concept by Eric Christopher Jackson

9II (2018) | Anniversary

Periodically throughout the day, I was asking myself: What do I want to write? Nothing came to mind. I was deep into other tasks when a post from @tealehathewayart popped up. I remembered the photograph she shared from various publications. The wheels finally started to turn and this simple concept came to

Eric Christopher Jackson

In the Studio

Behind-the-Scenes. I love experimenting with a single light source against a black background. Over this 10-year journey I have become comfortable with being a Photograhic Artist ‘in front’ of the Camera. Yes. Getting the right Composition is the toughest part. I have to anticipate not only my position within the

Eric Christopher Jackson


Do you have trouble believing in yourself ..the work that you do? If so, what do you do to regain Confidence?

Good-Bye [Mom] (2018) | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Good-Bye [Mom] (2018)

Very rarely do my Emotions spring to the surface beyond my control. However, since my Mom passed away, I may be focused on work when sadness suddenly slams into me. I knew I wanted to create something in remembrance of her. This Concept came to mind. Eventually, I sketched it.

Circle Foundation Spotlight No9

Circle Foundation | Spotlight Magazine, No.9

Print Magazine Available | View Digital Copy We introduce you to 60 mid-career and established, international artists working in a variety of discipline. From painting, sculpture, photography and collage to mixed media or digital media we investigate what art looks like today and offer you an exclusive curated selection of

Quier Mind by Eric Christopher Jackson

Quiet Mind (2018)

  My Life felt out of control. My emotions had a mind of their own. I knew that things weren’t as bad as they felt. I was making progress. Things are getting better. There will always be bumps in the road, but as long as you keep moving forward, you’re

Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Edge of Light (2018)

  It is refreshing to try a new approach. After years of capturing photographs, it can become routine. I’ve decided to search for new locations to reinvigorate my passion for Art Photography. My first stop was to visit Jacksonville Beach, Florida, which is local and fairly easy to reach. While

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