Quier Mind by Eric Christopher Jackson

Quiet Mind (2018)

  My Life felt out of control. My emotions had a mind of their own. I knew that things weren’t as bad as they felt. I was making progress. Things are getting better. There will always be bumps in the road, but as long as you keep moving forward, you’re

Edge of Light | Art by Eric Christopher Jackson

Edge of Light (2018)

  It is refreshing to try a new approach. After years of capturing photographs, it can become routine. I’ve decided to search for new locations to reinvigorate my passion for Art Photography. My first stop was to visit Jacksonville Beach, Florida, which is local and fairly easy to reach. While

Sun Bathe (2018)

  DETAILS: Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl Paper Silk Gloss Surface | 285 g/m² 100-Year Luminosity I want the viewer to feel like they can walk right into the scene. It pulls them in. Into a moment they were never in, but they feel a part of it now. Blinded by

Book Review | “Secrets of the Art World” by Litsa Spanos

  Featured on Amazon.com One thing I did not receive much of in three years of studying Digital Photography & Graphic Design was instruction in how to present myself and my Portfolio as a Business. After Graduating in 2011, I spent years trying to figure out where my Style of

Artwork “In Stock”

Dear Readers, There is a growing need for Artists to have Prints in Inventory available for immediate Shipment to potential Collectors. Therefore, I have created the “In Stock” Page, which features all of the Artwork currently on-hand. Eighteen Art Pieces are available. When an Art Piece is purchased, the “Add

Opposition (2018)

  Happy Saturday, Readers: Memorial Day Weekend. I spent a good portion of my Friday night painting this Black & White Concept. The initial thought was rain as black & white paint would flow towards the center from opposite directions. In the process, the battle between Light and Dark (Good

“Boys Don’t Cry” | Excerpt of “Redemption” | Poetry Collection, No.3

  “Boys Don’t Cry” Boys don’t cry though we have tear ducts in our eyes boys don’t cry the sign of weakness is far from us boys don’t cry middle school high school dry your eyes college campus car accident addiction too hard to quit wife is gone the job

Featured | Matted Art Prints in Stock

  Hello, Nineteen Matted Prints were Ordered to Exhibit at “Art Buzz,” which was Canceled due to inclement Weather. I have captured photographs of two pieces to share with you. “Sea of Colors” became my favorite piece on the Fuji Pearl Paper. The Colors, subtle Lighting, and Composition seem to come

**CANCELED** Art Buzz | May 19th @ The Urban Bean Coffeehouse

I do apologize everyone. Received a message this afternoon about the Cancellation of tomorrow’s Event. The Artwork for the Show will be packaged and stored until the next Event is Scheduled. Looking into other venues to exhibit the artwork. – Eric Christopher Jackson

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